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Canmore Family Photographer : Play time in the Rocky Mountains

Being able to photograph fun, active and wild about each other families is a definite gift of the trade. I recently met up with this local Canmore family for a quick session as the sun was just about to set behind the Rundle Range.

The Bow River rushed by at a nice and quick pace and after all of the rain we have had, the nearby marsh was a vibrant green, along with the olive bushes that line the trail. The sun was casting long shadows of the trees and the air was warm, for a change.

Being able to photograph families in Canmore is always such a treat; the backdrop is always giving, available and beautiful. More often than not, the adventure of getting to the location is just as much of a photographic moment as the photo session itself.

Hopping over small creeks and pushing through branches makes for a great start to a playful session, especially with these two boys.

Always at the ready for play, they laughed and jumped their way through a great evening. My favourite moments with families are the organic giggles, I think we caught some good ones.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of these photographic family moments as this summer has been filled with many different family moments already, and I am always so honoured to be trusted with peoples family memories!

Rachel Boekel Photography
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