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Canmore Family Photographer :: Easter in Exshaw::

One of the best gifts my clients can give me is letting me in. Letting me into their lives and trusting me with their stories. This was such a rich session for me. Being allowed into the Lomas family home in Exshaw, Alberta on Easter Sunday to document how their family spends the most important holiday of the year for them. We started with a Easter egg hunt which was quite complex and fun to watch. There is something about holidays with kids that brings out the youth in adults. Watching all of their interactions, excitement and collective joy of the hunt was so visually wonderful. You really get a sense of deep family roots when you see families gather at their family home. The energy and ease of moving in a space, as well as the home with art and history and love. After the egg hunt it was lovely being able to hang out with a family that liked hanging out together, in their space, with each other, completely at ease.

Photographing a lifestyle session also allows for time to investigate or hone into individual family relationships. Watching uncles and aunts interact with their nieces or mothers and daughters chatting over a cheesecake or fathers and sons enjoying each others company. Sometimes the details are in the way we look at each other, laugh at each other and care for each other.

I hope this small outtake of their photo gallery gives you a sense of the respect and joy they have as a family! Thank you for trusting me Lomas family!

Rachel Boekel Photography
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