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Family Adventure Photography in Canmore, Alberta

Summer is definitely crawling slowly in the Bow Valley. I can feel the winds breath slowly warming up and as the fruit trees leaves begin to unfold, I can smell the flowers cutting through the air. Summer in Canmore, Alberta is full of scenic landscapes, of lush green trees, bold mountains and sometimes babbling streams. Summer allows for a plethora of activities to pack into a small window of time. Some of my favourite memories of summer in the Bow Valley include sunrise hikes, bike rides at dusk and exploring the many trails around town with our kids. We adventure in so many different capacities and created many great memories while we play. We share Canmore with so many visitors every season, and the activities we get to enjoy change so much season to season. I had compiled a list of great Winter photo session ideas awhile ago, and would love to share some Summer family adventure photography session ideas with you now that the season is (almost) here. My top family photography session adventure is to go hiking. If you are a visitor to Canmore, I encourage you to get off the beaten path and explore the wildness that the Canadian Rockies have to offer. As a lifestyle photographer, photographing families enjoying their time together in the wilderness is a real visual gift. I offer photography packages to suit different distances and ages. As a local, born and raised, Canmorite, I have some pretty great hike ideas to share.

Family Hikes, canmore

Picnicking and BBQ-ing with your crew is also a popular Canmore pastime and a creative photography session idea. There are several great spots in the Bow Valley that offer space to play in big groups and a great opportunity to photograph family moments in a very familiar environment. Who doesn't need to eat after all. Throw a frisbee, toss a ball, dangle toes in a stream!

I will share a little secret, movement is the key to candid, authentic and expressive photographs. Creating a space to organically move and laugh allows for the most honest expression of your family life. It's my favourite thread to follow in a photo session.

We have access to a few good, albeit chilly, lakes in the Canmore area. Sometimes swimming as a family offers a fun and creative photography opportunity. Cannonballs, and sand castle building along with shoreline treasure hunting makes for great photos. Toss in a popsicle and I'll capture those beautiful drips running down your childs face, or even you cleaning them up! Because, isn't that the reality of summer. I'm all about those tangible, relatable moments.

And, speaking to tangible, relatable moments. What about summer hang out moments at home. Running through the sprinklers, bouncing on the trampoline, hosting a lemonade stand, reading book together. I'm currently scheming up our summer family photo session and it's hard to nail down which routine I'm interested in capturing... when I decide, I'll be sure to share.

trampoline photography, family, bounce

Can we also add golfing to the list? Canmore has some of the most scenic courses in the Canadian Rockies, and spending a day playing your favourite game with your favourite people is a pretty fun photo session to capture. Hey, these sessions can also be about your friends, are you sneaking off for a girls or a guys or even a couples weekend? Meaningful moments well captured, maybe that should be my new motto ;)

Do you have any other ideas? Is there a way you spend time together that is genuinely you? I would love to explore adventures with you, and share some of the great locations Canmore and the Bow Valley has to offer.

Happy Almost Summer! ~ Rachel

Rachel Boekel Photography
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