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Griff Whalen + Madi Serpico Surprise Proposal :: Canmore, Alberta Engagement Session ::

Canmore, Alberta Surprise Engagement session with Griff Whalen and Madi Serpico

I have to admit, this session had me quite nervous.

I was asked the night before this surprise engagement session to help coordinate and photograph it by a close family friend of the un-assuming fiancé, Madi.

A surprise engagement is a huge moment in the lives of the two people involved and I felt a giant responsibility to get it right.

Madi Serpico, the un-assuming fiancé, is also a professional triathlete and sports model. Originally from Calgary, AB Madi and Griff currently reside in Los Angeles. Madi was under the impression that she was headed out to the wintery landscape in Canmore, Alberta for a photo shoot. It was December 24th and chilly. Chilly being -21C to be exact. Much chillier than LA.

Madi’s boyfriend, Griff Whalen, a talented American NFL wide receiver and surprise engagement planner extraordinaire, “came along” for the shoot.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a chatty girl, with a lack of subtle coolness. Here I was, trying to be cool, trying to ignore Griff, but trying to be being kind. At the same time, I was trying to not give anything away to Madi. I was a sweating, I can only imagine how nervous Griff was.

As I photographed Madi, a modeling professional, who despite the frigid temperatures, looked warm and comfortable, Griff took the dogs for a walk and prepped for the moment. Cascade Mountain and the Rundle Range lit up the background behind Madi and when Griff returned, I suggested we include him in some photos.

It was such an iconic Canadian Rocky Mountain landscape.

I loved watching these two together. They smile at each other with their eyes, they hold each other tenderly. They are madly in love with each other.

While photographing them, Griff stopped, he got down on one knee.

The rest is history! He asked, she said yes! Success.

One of my favorite images is the one where Madi looks at me, realizing that this event was planned and coordinated without her knowing.

I could tell right away how much their family and friends meant to them. When I asked if they would stop in town to celebrate together, they insisted on going straight home to celebrate their news with their family.

Congratulations you two on your engagement and next adventure in your relationship together.

It was such an honour to be trusted with your surprise!

Xxx, Rachel

Rachel Boekel Photography
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